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    George Trail Translation

    About George Trail Translation Services

    "Communication Needs The Right Words"

    George Trail

    George Trail

    born 9th Feb 1983

    Professional freelance translator (English mother tongue; French and German to English)

    Based in the UK (typically, I work from my permanent home address)

    Qualifications: see relevant section below

    Website: https://www.georgetrailtranslator.co.uk

    Education and Training

    Professional experience at the time of last update (on 6 October 2023): 15 years. I can translate 3,500-4,000 words in a day if I’m available all day (I usually am). By default I charge per word in the source material – anywhere between 0.06-0.09 Euros/word depending on how difficult and urgent a project is. Proofreading: no less than 0.03 Euros/word.

    In-depth translation study and experience during a postgraduate degree course in translation studies at the University of Portsmouth (2005-2006).

    BA French and German, University of Kent at Canterbury, Class 2.2, 2001-2005. Included Year Abroad at the University of Poitiers, France. Graduated June 2005.

    Work Experience

    The list of fields I have completed translation projects in includes the following (this is by no means an extensive list):

    • Academic / creative / marketing

    Such as: a series of textbook articles; promotional material and presentations; websites among other things

    • Business and legal

    Such as: formal correspondence, b2b stuff (like tenders, business-to-customer or visa versa), proposals involving national and international authorities, terms and conditions articles, contracts and leases

    • IT / technical

    Such as: a patent and technical drawings, instruction manuals, safety regulations, documents outlining scheduled plans in detail

    • Medical

    Such as: patients’ reports – I once translated many for the Ministry of Defence

    • Other fields

    Copywriting and multilingual proofreading work, and I have also done a bit of transcription work (providing written English translations of French or German spoken words in videos or audio files).

    My Approach To Translation

    Just because a sentence may fully obey all the various rules of its language does not mean that it will always make sense. I’m preoccupied with loyalty to the text being translated as well as “proper language”. I’m very articulate but always enjoy challenges involving creative expression and what I call “alternative verbal innovation” – appreciating that reader-friendliness often depends on that in particular. I may enquire about a particular word or phrase with other professional translators on Translatorscafe.com, often obtaining a result I am happy with within half an hour.

    IT Skills

    I do my work on a laptop running Windows Vista

    Good knowledge of MS Word and Excel; knowledge of Powerpoint

    Typing speed definitely more than 60 wpm

    Basic HTML

    Familiar with Adobe (currently using Version 9)

    CAT tools: I have some experience with MemoQ and Memsource, and have studied Trados in a course on it provided by those who created the software.

    Online Presence

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GTTranslator

    Twitter: @TrailTranslator , https://twitter.com/trailtranslator

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/george-trail-336516216/

    ProZ profile: http://www.proz.com/profile/1006274

    Translatorscafe profile: http://www.translatorscafe.com/cafe/member92150.htm

    What George Trail Translation Services Offers

    George Trail Translation Services has been offering translation services to clients throughout the UK for many years. George Trail Translation Services is run independently by George from home. All of the services he provides are professional and carried out to the highest possible standards.

    George provides a range of professional and accurate translation services to clients, including in the following areas:

    George can translate many kinds of information from French and German to English. Get in touch today and George Trail Translation Services will be more than happy to assist.