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A POPULAR ARGUMENT AGAINST MACHINE TRANSLATION Whether or not you travel a lot, do you agree that translation is not just a matter of replacing words with words? Speaking as a self-employed translator, translation is indeed not just a matter of replacing words with words. But how vocal can you be (or are prepared to be) on this subject? Because I know it’s not just people like me who have had something to say about this subject, by...
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Pour les changes à terme : Une opération de change swap sera générée entre xxx et xxx, dont la jambe terme sera en sens inverse du change à terme client, aux même cours, même date valeur. Pour solder la jambe spot du swap, une opération de change spot sera générée entre xxx et xxx en sens inverse de la jambe spot du swap, aux même cours, même date valeur. Le traitement de ces opérations suivra le même processus que...
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Stationäre Therapie und Verlauf Frau DM trat am 13.06.2011 zur geplanten Jahreskontrolle in unsere Klinik ein. Insbesondere wird die Lungenfunktion bei vorhandenem Phrenikusstimulator überprüft. Bei Eintritt präsentiert sich die Patientin in gutem Allgemein- und schlankem Ernährungszustand. Ad Pneumologie: Die Funktion der Phrenicusstimulators ist problemlos. Eine Polygraphie zeigte Sauerstoffsättigungswerte von 97%, keine Entsättigungen in der Nacht. Die Patientin ist mit der Gesamtsituation sehr zufrieden. Die transcutane PCo2- Messung zeigte leicht zu tiefe Werte, unter 20%, d.h. eine Hyperventilation. Da...
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Warehouse Area Designation Warehouse area designation allows for the provision of designated areas (warehouse areas) where a given stock type to be stored. The warehouse area designation function must be activated in Customizing, on the basis of the stock type. Also, a range-finding order must be maintained. Warehouse Unit The warehouse unit recognises a related stock unit within a SAP WM-managed warehouse premises. Warehouse units have a unique number and they can consist of one or more materials....
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[The most recent one is at the bottom.] LATEST BLOG FOLLOW-UP And it’s back to work for me in earnest now that the Christmas holidays are over. For me, the first thing about it all is that I still remember the last blog I wrote very well. And I think of this: I think it says a lot me that I’m so prepared to start with what I don’t know – or try to – rather than start...
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In my career as a professional translator I have enjoyed writing what I can confidently say are good (perfectly valid) translations of certain songs… subject to certain conditions. The conditions: that they rhyme and be able to be sung to the melody of the song in their original language; it is because of this that I was quick to label this work as my “most audacious marketing moves”. Seriously: check out my English translation of Le Chanteur (by Daniel Balavoine; in my blog dated 3rd October 2011), or my French translation of Right Between The Eyes (by Garbage; in my blog dated 25th June 2014), or my English translation of Libre (by Paulina Rubio; in my blog dated 26th June 2014), or my French translation (translations, it turned out) of Engel (by Rammstein; in my blog dated 19th September 2016).

That said, welcome to My Most Audacious Marketing Move V. Translation of a haiku in English into French and German, while retaining the 5-7-5 syllable format that characterises every haiku – even though haikus don’t rhyme even though they are called poems.

A word about haikus: in feudal Japan (1185-1603), it was common for samurai to write a death poem before they committed the ritualistic suicide known as seppuku, to atone for shame. I Googled “Japanese death poems” as I wrote this blog, and while I did find some written by actual Japanese samurai in the past (with their names affixed to them), which had been translated into English, the 5-7-5 syllable format had not been retained in the translation. That won’t be the case here.

This is a clip (or cutscene) from a computer game which is set in feudal Japan. www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWQeMN6ydCY You play as the head of a clan of your choice and the objective is to beat all the other clans and conquer all of Japan. And the person you play as is actually someone who was a real-life samurai at some point in the past – in the clip, Shimazu is none other than Shimazu Tadahisa (according to his Wikipedia article, he died on 1st August 1227). And when I heard the only words you hear in this clip, I understood that it was his death poem haiku; further to that, I noted that it indeed had the 5-7-5 format that a haiku should have, and, consequently, initially believed that, given that Shimazu was a real-life samurai, this was an actual English translation of his real-life haiku death poem in Japanese, with the haiku format retained in the new language! Maybe it actually is, but now I’m not so sure; maybe the accurate historical truth is that it is not known what his actual death poem was – if, indeed, he even wrote one at all – and that the creators of this game just made up that English haiku for the Shimazu death cutscene in it. Either way, look at this!

French version

Rouge comme feuilles d’automne
Je pars pour mes ancêtres [NB pronounce “ancêtres” as 3 syllables]
Il’s m’accueilleront ?

Did it!

German version

Bin Herbstblätter-rot
Gehe auf meine Ahnen
Werde willkommen?

There may be no “ich” for “I” here, but the very first word, “bin”, which is always used in the first person singular with the verb “sein” in the present tense in German, gives it away so – did it!

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